Help please!!!!

Two areas I need some quick feedback on:

What is the tipping point for too many posts?  I think content matters a great deal, but if someone puts out a number of  consecutive posts even when the content is good, I tend to stop reading after two or three in a row.  What is your experience?

To combat too much posting on my part, I intend to  post  no more than  five times a day and  to spread the posts out.  Some of those  will just be a laugh or a link of interest.   The marketing gurus say you need a number of daily posts to build an audience.

I also thought it would be  helpful to develop a  topic schedule.  If you are particularly interested in say aging or parenting, you would know I would concentrate my posts on those subjects on a certain day each week.   Here are my current ideas about a schedule.

Every day at least once a day a laugh of some sorts.  Maybe a joke or a one liner or a video.  Laughing is an important Emotional Fitness Exercise.

Monday’s general news and views on staying emotionally and physically strong.  This would be for all.

Tuesday’s parents day with at least one post for parents of new borns and another  for dealing with teens.  This should also be of interest to those working with children in general.

Wednesday another general day.

Thursdays aging for us old folk and any care givers.

Friday’s would be When More is Needed which deals with the need for therapy, updates on research about therapy, and client stories or comments about therapy.

If you don’t comment, I am going to make the assumption you think this might work.  But I am hoping some of you will at least give me a like or if you don’t like my ideas, tell me what you would prefer.

Thank you all.


Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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