I  need to announce a change in my blog and the amount of responses I want to make to social media followers. But firs

CUTTING TO DO LISTMy own being overwhelmed prompted this.  Gaining new followers from  all the social media, delights me.  However, I am over whelmed trying to keep up.  So I need to make some changes.

My friend the Laughing Housewife  has experienced the same need.  Here is a slightly edited (told her I was going to steal this) about her plans to deal with being overwhelmed:

In the past few months my visits to your blogs have been intermittent at best; and in the past two weeks, almost non-existent.   I struggle to find the time but I don’t want to neglect you.  Not returning your visits is bad manners and I apologise.  Interaction is a huge part of what makes blogging fun; no interaction, and it’s just me talking at you.  I have battled guilt about it; guilt always wins. That has reduced my enjoyment of blogging.

I have decided to take the advice I always give to other bloggers who make these sort of Help! I’m drowning in unanswered comments! posts – if you’re not enjoying blogging, then stop.  I’m feeling a little burned out by blogging and it’s not as much fun as it used to be.

If you see me as rutilant – as I hope you do – you will naturally be devastated by my announcement, so I should make one thing clear: I am not giving up blogging

  • I will continue to post my daily joke
  • I will post at least twice a week
  • More, if I feel like it
  • I will answer comments if I can
  • I will not visit you every day but I will try to visit more than I have been doing
  • I will understand if you decide to leave me, but don’t be surprised if I cry

I will not post a daily joke, although I might try to post one of my poster coaches. either a joke, some quotes to think about, or an Emotional Fitness Tip. I will not comment on these just put them out there as a reminder I exist.

Otherwise, all Tilly Bud says above holds true for me. By the way rutilant means bright red, probably as in blushing. I had to look it up.

If my email, posts, tweets, are overwhelming you, here is help. You can subscribe to my Newsletter and cut the need to read all I send you.

The newsletter will contain the best of my blogs, announcements about my books, poster coaches, give-aways, and tips for staying strong.  You can subscribe here.


And if you are having trouble soothing or calming yourself despite all my good advice, my newest eBook is out.


Self-Soothing, Create Calm in Your Life

As usual for all you do to support me, thank you.


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