Think it is too soon to be worrying about school?   Not true for those going to kindergarten or any structured school setting.  This article has a number of useful tips.

Helping Children Prepare for Kindergarten . Expert Q&A . PBS Parents | PBS.

Research repeatedly shows that being able to manage negative emotions is key to getting along in school and the world.  Several studies show that such skills are more important than IQ, looks or social class.

Too many parents work too hard to keep their children happy.   Not what really matters.  The focus should be on learning to  handle negative emotions–what I call Emotional Fitness.  Such training should start with the child’s  first temper tantrum by  neither giving in nor over reacting.  Both stances require parents to have strong emotional fitness skills.   Practice the skills I suggest in my blog and gather the strength needed to stand strong when your kids resist doing the right thing.

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