Home from our road trip.  Saw family and a few good friends. Did not see all the friends we planned to see.

quotes about failed plans

Forgiveness is an Emotional Fitness Exercise and I am forgiving myself for thinking I could connect with more friends than was possible.  I know the friends I couldn’t meet forgive me. Those are the kind of friends I am lucky enough to have. 

Status report

Trip included many failed plans; GPS mis-directions; two stops by the police – one almost ticket for speeding, David was driving; tense relationship moments – mainly back seat driving by whoever was not driving.

Trip was wonderful because the good out weighed the bad and those we were able to connect with filled our hearts with love and hugs. 

We traveled the by-ways, not the highways. Watch for some pictures. America is truly a land of spacious skies, waving fields wild flowers,  corn more than  of grain, purple and green mountains, but mostly of people who care, share, and seek to do no evil. 

Time with family and friends mattered most and I am grateful to be blessed with many who keep me in their hearts. 

stay strong

As always  remember what matters, spread kindness where you can,  enjoy all you have been given,  keep sharing and caring, you make a difference and move the world toward peace. 


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