How the Super Rich Can Better Practice Kindness

Plan to get the superrich to #practicekindness and improve their #emotionalintllegence

Not only the world will profit if the Super Rich do this, but they will profit by being kinder and more caring and leading a life based more fully on what matters.

Emotional Fitness Tip

While the above Poster Coach is intended for the Super Rich, even the poorest among us can do more sharing and caring.


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Your caring keeps me going.

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This post was partially inspired by this one word Word Press Daily Prompt: Contrast but the idea has been perculating for many years. I am many very rich friends and found their depression era money saving habits both amusing and sad. I shop in thrift stores and only buy on sale, because of need.

Now to be fair, hubby says some just enjoy the thrill of finding a bargain. I can see that, but would prefer all to gain more thrills by figuring out how to be kinder and more sharing.

I have also been push to create this poster coach by the saga of Bruce Jenner’s need to try a new body and a new idendity. He struggled with a serious learning disability and I admired the drive that helped him become a multiple Olympic medalist. I have been saddened by the fact that he had it all in terms of material possessions and fame, but was so desparately unhappy with being him.


These links are for those not familiar with Emotional Intelligence or the idea of Emotional Fitness.

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