How To Argue Less And Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

Most rants and arguments are caused by a deep seated need to think we know the truth, the whole truth and the only truth. That need is challenged by those who do not share our truth.

Jerome Kagan, extraordinary student of human behavior, believes the uncertainty created when beliefs are challenged is a survival need. Think of living as our ancestors did: mostly in small groups surrounded at night by darkness hiding predators and who knows what else.  Staying huddled around a fire with our friends and family kept us safe.  This early survival need lives on in our desire to have others believe as we do.

I often quip that the first someone willing to risk climbing out of the trees and to explore the unknown advanced civilization by deciding to live in a cave. Another person advancing civilization was probably a risk taking teenager who played with fire.

Acknowledging the truth or even the possible truth in points of view that you do not agree with is far less risky. Try it, you might learn some things and you might also help create a better world.

Warning: Some who argue are what I call “Gotcha Warriors.” These argue mainly to make you look or feel stupid. Read about them and how to protect yourself on this  Wikihow I started.

When we take the time to mine alternative viewpoints we are thinking critically; thinking critically is an important Emotional Intelligence skill.

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