Gratitude is a learned skill. Being grateful for the good is easy. Being grateful for the bad requires a bit of more work.

How to praciice gratitude when bad things visit.

That a  blind and deaf woman who only could communicate by spelling out words in someone’s palm found a path to contentment should be a model for us all.  She was content with what she had and did not seek what was not hers. Therein, lies the way to being grateful that makes you a superstar when it comes to Emotional Intelligence.

As the Irish note, “Enough is a feast.”

However, as each of us knows, enough may be a feast, but when you do not have enough and are starving, being grateful does not come naturally.  Gratitude is a learned skill.

Smart parents start teaching children to practice gratitude even before they can walk or talk. How? by using sign language. Here’s that sign in a Poster Coach about gratitude which when extended to others is an act of kindness.

Practice Gratitude quotes.

The last quote points to another source of gratitude when bad things happen, but one that comes with a hook. The hook? Thinking you are better than to often leads to judging others and that is not good.

All very complicated; exactly why Emotional Fitness Training is about thinking critically.


Say Thank You one  hundred times a day. Too much, go for fifty. Still too much, spend today seeing how often you thank someone or some thing and up that number by 10 tomorrow.


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This post was inspired by a Torah lesson conducted by Rabbi Meyer at the ASIH Denver Synagogue.  He pointed out that Haman the villain of Purim  had all that was deemed success in his world except one thing. He did not have the respect afforded to the Jew Mordecai.  That lead him to try to kill all the Jews.  Why to be grateful for all you have been given is so important. A good lesson that  got me thinking about how hard it is to be grateful when evil stalks you.  Hence this post.


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  1. I can’t comment (without jumping through lots of hoops) on my phone but for the first time in ages, I’ve been able to look at WordPress blog posts on a computer. Boy, do I feel the gratitude…. Anyway, thanks for this post. Gratitude is so important in helping against bitterness 🙂

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