How To Be With Nature’s Beauty And Strengthen Your Emotional Intelligence

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Blessed are those whose parents followed this path. Blessed are those who live where nature abounds. More blessed are those who can Be With Beauty and Nature no matter where.

Hard to be with nature if you dwell in the city, or have to work inside all day. If that is you these tips will help.

Tip one:  Grow something, anything, anywhere you can. I have black hand, not just black thumb, but guess what I found that I can grow cacti and Philodendron. One study showed that letting children grow a plant or two in their homes increased their resilience ; what some call Emotional Intelligence.

Tip two: Remember pictures. I couldn’t grow stuff in my office when I went out to work, but I could and did have pictures that spoke to me of nature and beauty. I have pictures of beauty throughout my house. Many are cut from magazines and then framed in Goodwill frames.

Tip three: Get a pet. Dogs and cats are preferable. Cats are easier to care for if you have to work. I had two when I felt I could not pen a dog up all day while I was at work. Birds do well and if you work, the small ones do best. I love canaries and their songs always filled my heart with joy. Then there are fish and turtles, among the easiest kept pets. The study cited above also found that pets strengthened children’s Emotional Intelligence.

Be With Beauty is one of EFT’s  12 Daily Emotional Fitness Exercise. As with most of the Daily 12 this takes less than a minute to practice and can be repeated through the day. Go here for an introduction.

Taking a moment through out the day to Be With Beauty soothes and calm. Emotions that create problems are passionate ones urging you to act without thought and find you wishing you had not acted.  Self-soothing Exercises are a major Emotional Fitness SKill. Want to improve yours? Downloaded EFT’s  free Tiny eBook, Creating Calm . For more advanced skills buy EFT’s e-book Self Soothing To Create Calm in Your Life .  Better than a latte and costs less.

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