Today, some kids would rather live at home off Mom and Dad, rather than work at their dream job. Not fair to the parents or the kids.

Expecting less of work - a cartoon


Tip One: Remember what matters.  A job for most of the world means the difference between surviving and dying. For most of us, reading this,  it is getting paid for what we and others would not do for free.

For the lucky among us, it may also be doing what we like or love doing. I would love to make money with my writings or blogging but at nearly 80, what keeps me going is  love of the effort.

Tip two:  Build your ability to endure what you do not like. My Twelve Easy Exercises are designed to build emotional endurance .Mainly, that depends on attitude. I see lots of young people working at “menial” jobs. Some are a delight to interact with, happy and hard working. Others are as grumpy as the grumpiest old men I have ever met. The difference, attitude.

Mainly, that depends on attitude. I see lots of young people working at “menial” jobs. Some are a delight to interact with, happy and hard working. Others are as grumpy as the grumpiest old men or as cranky  as the crankiest  old crones living. The difference? Attitude.

Tip three: Always be grateful for what you have right now.

Parenting tipS

It is almost impossible in today’s world, to not give your child expectations of grandeur. We live in a land of plenty. What to do? Try these tips.

Tip one: Teach the pleasures of full awareness.   I deem myself lucky to have grown up when candy was rationed. Why? The lessons deprivation taught. Here’s the big one.

My mother bought one  Hersey Bar with her rationing stamps and used it to teach us to  savor the moment, and also to prolong it. She gave us each one square of chocolate and made a game of who could  let it melt in their  mouths the longest.  The winner got one more square.

Tip two: Instill work habits early on. Toddlers can put their clothes in the laundry basket, trash in the trash basket. Pre-school kids can clear the table, set the table, scrub stuff.

Tip three: Reward work well done. For the small ones, applause is enough, but in time a special treat. I pay my grandchildren for some jobs with a gummy bear of two. By ten a child should start getting an allowance divided into a bit of “Love money” and then additional funds for chores done well.

Teens can start working for other people and that money used for the extras of their choice. Parents should prepare a teen for the real world by providing only food, shelter, basic medical care, and some clothes.  The older the teen the more s/he must earn that relates to their own desires and pleasures.

Tip four: Help each child develop some just for fun activities. Swimming and other sports that can last a lifetime: reading; gardening; pets;  creativity projects; and, as always, laughing and playing with others.

Tip five: As noted above, always teach what matters and that means practicing kindness by giving to those who have less while being grateful for all you have been given.


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I am turning Defang Fear into a larger work book but hope to get it ready to be published in the near future.. That means I am  behind on my goal of publishing something every month. I am  moving ahead although slower than I had hoped. Too lofty expectations.


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