Jokes almost always mirror a bit of reality. The reality to this one? You can do things to make you feel safer, that does not mean you are safer. First, a laugh.


I do not usually post such jokes, prejudicial. However, one of the things fueling both racial hatred and fear of Muslims is the fact that the bad guys disguise themselves as good guys.  Moreover, the hurt of prejudices pushes some ot the good guy to do evil things. Sad, but not a new, state of humankind.

Emotional Fitness Thoughts and tips

Tip One:  combat this, at least in terms  of religion, by exposing evil theology –  meaning any religious belief that suggests killing in the name of God and divides people into the saved and damned on the basis of beliefs.  Doing so makes religion   a tool of evil.

Tip two: Buffer yourself against the hurt of prejudice. Unless it leads to killing, it is the other person’s problem.


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This post was inspired by a joke sent to me by High School Classmate, Jack Simcox.


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