Jobs are what people are paid to do. Expecting  less might help you enjoy more. So if this is this how your job makes you feel, read on.

A cartoon about hating work.

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Emotional Fitness Thoughts and Tips

Too many of us have been lead to expect our jobs will make us happy/ That very expectation creates discontent for far too many. What to do?

First Tip: As noted above expect a job to provide you with a pay check, and very little else.

Second Tip: As you are paid to work, work.

Third Tip Learn to be proud of doing your work well.

Fourth Tip: Enjoy the secondary benefits. A pay check is one and hopefully it lets you enjoy more of life than just paying the rent. The people you work with can be another. Be generous to all who work with you, even your boss. If you serve the public, find pleasure in meeting their needs.Find some good friends among your co-workers..

Fifth Tip; Remember what matters. Not money, not fame, not status. The Golden Rule has been proven by the researchers that treating others as you want to be treated, making the world a bit better, and practicing kindness lead to the good life.

Make you non-work life how you pursue happiness. 

Six Tip: If you cannot do the above, and cannot find four things besides a pay check to squelch your unhappiness, get an exit plan, but do not be hasty unless you win the lottery.  A three-year plan is best – one year trying to learn to do your job as if you loved, it. The second year, to work at changing things to make your job better for all. The third year, if still unhappy, looking for a better job.


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