A little laugh about friendship, the theme for the week.  Friendships keep all of us strong.

Be honest and perfectly frank wins no friends.

This is called a double bind by the Family Therapists.

Stay strong Emotional fitness tip

My mother called this a “Damned if you do; damned if you don’t” dilemma.  I tend to be a bit too frank and it has both kept and lost friends.  My Emotional Fitness Tip? Be honest when it really matters, but say what  has to said with kindness and care.

So what really matters to me is that my friends not only try to make my birthday and book launch but invite a few of their friends.  A few people have started posting to the Be With Beauty Contest, which is an easy way to both support me and to share with photographer friends who might like to participate.

As always for all do thank you.




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