How To Keep Singing in the Rain – Tips for All Including Parents

Rainy days are part of life but not ones that always find you singing. Ask any parent.

Five quotes about the weather

This Poster Coach was inspired by this  WordPress Daily Prompt:

Singin’ in the Rain Safe inside, toasty warm, while water pitter-patters on the roof… describe your perfect, rainy afternoon.


I have a feel good memory about a rainy day. David and I  had just arrived at a camp site on a small island in the middle of Lake George, New York when the skies  burst. Our stuff was unloaded, but the tent not up, the boat had no cabin, and who takes umbrellas camping?  We got drenched.

No one was around, so we ditched our soaked through clothes, did a little naked tango and set about setting  up camp.  Our fearless Boxer Dog Brutus retreated to the tent as soon as it was up. I think it thought us crazy.

We, however, stayed naked in the rain until it stopped.  We washed our hair and bodies, gathered some fallen branches, and waited. When the rain finally stopped, we dried in the sun. Sleep came early.

Emotional Fitness Tips

So much about life and rain depends on time and place and whether you can laugh or retreat or howl with pain.

Tip One: Attitude does help. 

Tip Two: Attitude does not always help.

Tip Three: : Self-soothing skills are major paths to singing in the rain.  Start with this intrduction to Emotional Fitness Training’s Daily Program. 

Tip Four; Toughen up Buttercup. Learn to rate problems. Here is how I rate hurts. A fife blows involving fear for my life, pain, and  a need for medical attention are my ten ; nine are  mainly emotional life blows: betrayals and such,a eight, lesser hurts but that are ongoing, chronic pain, loved ones in pain or ill. seven are the bad hurts that come and go in a day or two, six are here and then gone hurts, five suck it up irritations and hurts; four and below are life is good times.

Tip Five; To get through the howling times: Read this post about surviving a life blow, what the experts call trauma.  I wrote the post when enduring such  blow and am reporting that I have survived, taken the lesson and moved on. And to do so, I had to use lots of the exercises and skills I preach and teach. Each is research based and proven in the laboratory of me.

Parenting advice 

Tip one: Coddle only babies. As soon as the little ones begin walking, teach them to rate the hurts that come their way.  Being too sympathetic fosters entitlement and neediness.

Of course if there is blood and gore or uncontrollable crying, you need to provide care and comfort. Same if come to you crying. All others hurts? Encouragement is better than sympathy. “Get up and go on.” “You can deal with this.” “Life hurts, look for a lesson.”

Tip Two: Make self soothing a family practice. And if you haven’t, please buy my eBook Self-soothing to Create Calm in Your Life.  Sloganeering works well for all. Parents can use this to embed useful self talk in their little darlings’ head.

Controlling negative self talk by sloganeering.

The brain has a hard time holding two thoughts, repeating slogans such as the ones above soothes and calms.

Tip Three: Work to teach your child to savor the moments of what is good. My Mom used the rationing forced on her by World War to teach me to eat mindfully with full enjoyment. How? By giving me one square of a much coveted Hersey Bar and telling me to let it melt in my mouth so I could enjoy it longer. Worked.


Kindness improves emotional fitness and the ability to withstand life’s bad times.  You can practice kindness right now by liking, commenting, or sharing this post.

Thank you and work at staying strong until next time.  I work on doing that all the time.



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