How To Like Yourself More – Six EFT Tips To Help.

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Would you be hurt if someone said your were a purple-faced and body-striped robot?  Most likely you would think that person  crazy or joking. Actually, it is high self-esteem that takes the sting out of insults. Insults hurt when we think they apply to us.


Tip one: Face this Brute Fact – Perfection does not apply to people. We all have flaws; some donated by nature, others the gift of our culture, and most gifted by living other imperfect being.

Tip two:  Remember what matters –What is that?  As all the sages and researchers know that is not what you own, but living a life of kindness.

Tip three: Set both a mission for your life, and SMART Goals for living the best everyday life possible. Get my e-Book Know Your Mission So You Can Reach Your Goals . It costs less than a movie and lasts a lifetime.

Tip four: Rate your flawed behavior. Do you see a dirty car or dust bunnies under the bed as criminal acts?  Is letting go of your anger with words the equivalent of beating some one up? Is being over-weight a sin against the world?  Do you believe bad thoughts are the same as bad actions?

If you are hurting others, particularly physically or engaged in felonious behaviors; you should be feeling bad about yourself. Bad enough to stop those behaviors.

Tip five: Make amends and practice forgiveness. When you have hurt someone apologize. For large hurts, make an amends. Always work to gain better control that type of bad behavior.

Once a day, make a conscious effort to forgive those who have hurt you and then to forgive yourself. Go here for a post about forgiveness and letting go. 

Tip six: Strengthen your self-soothing skills.  For a quick introduction check out these Emotional Fitness Exercises. 

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Post Inspiration: How this post relates to this  WordPress Daily  Prompt: Territory

Territory refers to what we think of as our personal domain. We lock our doors to keep thieves out. We have to lock our hearts when it comes to attacks on our self-esteem. We need strong borders when it comes to  protecting our essential self.

That does not mean rejecting all criticism, but taking what helps make you a better person, and rejecting the rest.

Go here to learn more about the Daily Prompts.

Links of Interest

These links are for those not familiar with Emotional Intelligence or the idea of Emotional Fitness.

Even the most learned researchers and therapists quarrel about much.  Take their advice and mine carefully.  Don’t just listen to your heart, but also think; don’t just think, listen to your heart.  Heart and head working together increase the odds you will find useful advice amid all the promises and hopes pushed at you be others.  As others have noted, take what seems useful, leave the rest.

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