Kennedy quote about diversity

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Diversity brews trouble mostly  when people are challenged by differences that make them think in terms of better or best. That can easily be translated into the who is the person with the most power, the most things, the most money, the most physical strength, or even the best view of God.   Thinking another is better fuels self -doubt, uncertainty, and, at its worse ,shame and self -loathing. Not a good path to peace.

Think about religions that seek conversion. That desire often begins in the wish to share joy and happiness, but can turn to what Jonathan Sacks calls “altruistic evil” and the justifying murder and torture in the name of God.

In the end, however, we all die and at least our physical beings decay and become grains of sand. How tragic then are our wars?  As Kennedy notes,  we need to celebrate diversity and work together to make our world safe for all.

Research documents that all cultures and all religions embrace caring for the weak and being fair; wars arise when those two values are reserved for me, for my family, or my tribe.  There is also an inborn fear of the strange or different.

What to do?

Emotional Fitness Training Tips

Tip one: Stay safe.  Let trust build when seeking to embrace differences. Most people are not killers or terrorists, but the few who are signal the need to stay safe.

Tip two: Avoid labels. Every label is a gross generalization. Every time you throw a label at someone, you are practicing prejudice.

Tip three: Judge actions not words.

Tip four: Practice the Golden Rule, but with a focus on not doing to others what you do not want done to you.

Tip five: Be generous with what you have been given and not just to your own.

Tip six: Remember what matters.


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