Tomorrow starts 12 days of Easy Emotional fitness (aka emotional intelligence). EFT’s holiday gift to help you manage stress, bad, sad, and mad feelings.

wavy staying strong
This is a repost, to prepare you for the coming 12 Days of Emotional Fitness Easy Exercises.

You probably already do many of these things. However,  walking is good exercise, power walking is better, and  proper practice of these every day things turns up their power.   To be most helpful each exercise must be practiced with full awareness.

That is done by meditating before and after the exercise.  Sound too difficult? Nor once you have learned and practiced  EFT’s One Minute Meditation.

A one minute meditation


Parenting tip one: Catch your kids as they do these exercises. For example: When a child is upset and finally calms down, murmur praise for calming down.

Parenting tip two: Show them your pleasure when you do one of them. Be with beauty is one that starts working early. Laugh and play start before sitting up; and create can be added when the child is playing with clay, building blocks, or coloring.

Parenting tip three: Teach good manners early on.  Learning to say thank you early on teaches gratitude and practicing kindness.


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Thank you and work at staying strong until next time,. I work hard to do the same as life is often difficult but staying strong lets me find the good.




All the handouts and poster coaches for this course are being posted at the store so you can download them for free. A poster coach is like a face-to-face coach; all serve as practice reminders, some teach you the exercises needed to stay strong.

To use one, after down loading it from the store, print it up preferably in cardstock and color, then post it where you will see it as you go about your day.

Apologies if you cannot find one.  I am a Jill of all in this business, so some things take longer than others.  If something used here isn’t posted yet, you will find lots of other offerings including inspirational quotes or more EFTI exercises. In time all will be posted.


    • Nothing ever works all the time or for everyone, we have to experiment, tailor, cut and paste. Something help some of the time, but then things change and if we are lucky something else hope. Right now I am coping with a great deal of phsyical pain and have had to focus on the one or two things that help me escape. Mainly reading mysteries or eating chocolate. Stay strong anyway you can.

      • I know what you mean by pain! I have a back & hip prob. & Those sound like good medicine to me! have you read any of Rita Mae Brown & Sneaky Pie Brown Mysteries? I jsut started a 2nd one today. (I finished Litter of the Law a few days ago & today I started Santa Clawed. If you want follow my entertainment blog as last night I pub. a post of part of my 2013 reading quest. next week likely will do the 2nd post (which is page 2 & 3) & the one after that will be this years (which I have to update alot as being my pages from Squidoo moved to hubpages i have not been working on it on there much.

      • I have plenty of books to keep the both of us busy! Jill Churchill I like as well. I admit I think I like the Rita Mae Brown mysteries because of the animals. I just hate starting a new book as to me it seems to take awhile to get into (even a favorite series) and the story seems… mmm not sure how to put it but anyway mmm I jsut thought maybe I should include my full reading list (or at least from when i started) this way everyone can sede what I’ve read. I’ll have to remember to include that in the Book Nook when I et the chance

      • I also like history and fiction based on history particularly anything related to the Britian. Do not mind a bit of magic thrown it, but too much turns me off except for The Once and Future King which is one of my all time favorites. Current reads Micheal Sullivan’s two series, Phillipa Gordon’s stuff, and just found Elizabeth Chadwick. My problem is not being able to put a book I get interested in down until it is finished. Helps that I am retired, but does keep me from doing all I should do. Life goes on. Stay strong. Glad we have connected.

      • same here. I wish I could read a book all day. I did that with the harry potter books. I didn’t want to put the first 5 down. I would even fall asleep reading one of them as I would read before going to bed as well besides at work (I did security but it was really just making sure customers had the products they needed no more or less and the right type etc. So it wasn’t like I really had to watch much of anything it was in a lumber yard) like the rest of the Reading stuff I will post the book nook in the coming weeks. I even have included my list. Just please let me know what you think of how that page is (or if I should re-arrange the info on it when I Post it.

      • I was in my 20s when the movie came out a friend (older than me I think or same age) had talked me into reading the books (which I had not read for a long time) but I coulnd’t put down the first 5 books! the last 2 didn’t have to me what the first few did. They got a little ho hum (not as fun and the 6th one was falling asleep because I guess it was a bore) I love them though. To me reading, movies & tv are supposed to be to get you OUT of the real world & to de-stress. I do watch a few ‘real’ shows by that I mean How to get away with Murder, Hawaii 5-0 (but that’s more a vacation due to the senery)

      • sorry to hear you are down in the dumps… I posted something to give everyone a smile, but I forget where (f one of my blogs or what. And with that my ‘fear’ has reared it’s head having more than one or 2 blogs!

        Do you have a pet? My SUlly Cut usualy makes me feel better when I get in the dumps and sort of makes the pain go away a bit. have any apap w/ codeine ? if not have some whiskey & call me in the morn! 😉

        Here’s 2 links for albums of my cat I hope she can cheer you up like she does me

      • My daughter-in-law is allergic to cats, I yearn for one, but family comes first. We have always had pets and always dogs. OUr current is Punky, rescued and originally called Pumpking, but definitely a punk which endears him to my husband. He is my service dog because of my hearing and getting him certified lead to my starting a Service Dog Facebook page. The Punk’s picture is on that page.

      • there are cats that those allergic to would not be as they don’t shed, or have the dander.
        There’s always the VAn cat breed which is supposed to like water. They also say if someone is allergic to cats it just needs a bath (like ours) just be sure you get the cat bath soap. Or if you get them groomed see if they’ll let you stay and make sure they use the cat formula! (a friend got one of their pets groomed (I forget if it was the cat or dog, I guess the cat because) the wrong shampoo was used and i forget what happened to it but it died.

      • Her problem is an irritable depression. Nothing pleases her. Sad. The Punk jumps up too much, but I’ve told her to give him the boot gently and say “No.” The grand children do that but she just makes a pained face. Hoping she decides to deal with her depression instead of making others feel like they have to walk on eggs. Life goes on and she is missing much.

        We live apart but care lots for our grandchildren so she is here a few times a week.

      • lol That sounds like my mother. Even if yu do something for her w/o her asking she complains how you did it or if she asks if it’s not exactly how she would do it then why even ask me or my father to do so?

        Does your daughter take medication? (I have depression & I do get irritable but it’s not a constant thing, usually only when there’s constant noise (like say a jackhammer, or an alarm things like that or of course my mothers voice. lol) really need to find some sort of herb or something to put in her wine to give her a frog in her throat! (that might last a few days!

      • No, her medication seems to be blaming particularly my son, my husband and I. My mother was much the same and I eventually learned to put my shields up, feel sorrier for her, barbs amd all; but also to detach emotionally and assume reponsiblity for my feelings, not hers. My son has decided to do the same. I wish she would get on medication. She uses wine to self medicate and at a certain level feels good, but that has dangers as I am sure you know. She is at the denial stage of angry projection. Hoping she moves past it. For her sake but also for her children’s sake.

      • Does she go for counseling? If not then O’d hate to see she should see if she needs it.
        I’ve never drank a lot. I have one or 2 when in the mood at home, and the odd occassion I go out well it varies on if it drink ‘too’ much. as a friend took me out a few years ago for my birthday and I know I had to have had more than 10 drinks, & I barely felt buzzed. Maybe you should sneak some st. john’s wort into her food. That’s one of the natural remedies that’s supposed to be for depression. but that ‘angry’ part sounds to me like she might be bi-polar. (bi-polar depression)

        Any way I hope you are at least feeling better. Don’t let her get ya down, I just hope she’s not being negative around the kids. (All my mother does is complain about things & I swear she’s the reason I am the way I am

      • I am feeling better, and working on supporting my son. They are getting marriage counseling; I think she needs medication, but that hasn’t been suggested yet. I keep homing. We are all part of the way our parents were and interesting how that plays out, but we do make our own contributiongs and then the genes play there part. Life is a wonderful struggle and relationships a big part of that. Stay strong as I keep telling myself.

      • Happy Whatever Holiday you are celebrating tonight.
        Gad you are feeling better. I’m trying to get a few posts off. Already got my baking done. Now I just have to wax (eyebrows) & take my shower. I feel like I’m not going to get everything done today again! I really need a laptop or something I can do certain things in my room (like just checking email or typing something to a file.) Hoe all is well, I hope I get some time at a computer in the next few days to at least go through email. I get so much! No idea why

      • I wanted to say Happy Hanukkah (but i never spell it right) and I wasn’t sure if I saw you mention it previously or not.

        After the holidays could you possibly do a write up for me (I have a december ‘winter’ holidays page on Hubpages & I would prefer first hand accounts on the holidays (they just sound better than researched information to me) COuld you do that & I can post your name & the blog as credit? I would greatly appreciaite it. (also what all the stuff on the dradle etc means. Here’s the page with Hannukah (grr still don’t spell it right Oh I keep missing a 2nd k.. (so not bad)

        I celebrate the Solstice/yule

        I was hoping to add some information to that page but sadly I never got to it. (If I’m reading mom talks to me, if I’m typing she talks to me.. well she didn’t get any gifts other than a card from dad & some scratch offs! I got dad a gift cause I knew what to get him.

      • I can put together a Hanukka 2014 remembered post that explains a few things. do you want pictures? I hate forced gift giving, but do it somewhat for kids. Otherwise if I see something I hope you will like and have the money, I gift. Need to win the lottery soon. My husband and I got some marijuana cookies from our son but not for the holiday.

      • pot cookies! were they as a joke or??

        I just need a write up on the holiday (just not sure how you can send it, maybe by email? [email protected] (just let me know its you from WP) If you want to do it that way it would be cool. I found a few more holidays in the month as well so I’ll have to post a section for them (together or seperate not sure, depends on what I find when I get to it)

      • that’s cool. I take you are not in Colorado though are you? I have tried it on 2 occassions (but smoking) he first didn’t feel a thing, the 2nd OMGs! made me a zombie! I litterally walked with my hands out seeing nothing but a light & shadows.. & sitting down and my friend is trying to tell me “You cna’t sleep this off’ .. I Looked up, stuck up my forfinger (like #1) and said… “Watch me”” OMG! I was screwed up! I still went into work the next day still al F*d up! but at least I can laugh about it!

      • Ah ok. Do I want to know how much a dime bag is, being as it’s legal there

        Oh my! Yeah when I tried pot the 2nd time I didn’t know those that were smoking it do it like 3x a day. So they had stronger stuff (or maybe it was because it was in a blunt) but damn!

      • There is one of the books you may like as its history (but not sure if it’s real history) it sort of has something to do with Salem witch trials but it’s not about that. I very much enjoyed it and it’s one of my fave reads. called the Physic book of Deliverance Dane

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