How to Stay Young and Happy – Two EFTI Tips

You can’t really stay young as much as the plastic surgeons and other hawkers of  youth products suggest; you can stay happy and I found what works for me.


This quick EFTI blog post was inspired by this WordPress Daily Prompt: Fifteen Credits: If you’re in school, are you enjoying your classes? If you’re out of school, what do you miss about it — or are you glad those days are over?

I loved school, lucky me to live in less pressured times, to have caring teachers  who saw I had a brain, and to have parents who cared more about the joy of learning than marks.

Although I had two difficult learning disabilities (dysgraphia and dyscalculia), I had no trouble reading and reading was and remains my main escape from all unhappiness.

I read to learn and for pleasure. I read on the computer, I read in books, when I can afford one I will probably read on a tablet. I go through five  or more books a week in addition to all I read on-line.  I can get so obsessed in a story line, I forget to eat, drink, or sleep. I blessed and  wish all shared this blessing.

However, there are other ways to learn, and I do think the right social media helps. The main thing is not to let boredom rule you. Here are two tips to combat the yawns.

Emotional Fitness Training tip one: If you find yourself bored, give yourself credit for what you know. Say “I know that” and move on. Skim or change the channel or scroll to a new topic.

Emotional Fitness Training tip two: Boredom also arises when we don’t know enough about what is happening to understand it.  Combat that type of boredom by two strategies.

The first:  Is what you are exploring worth learning? If so plod on; if not invest in something else. Often it is a passion. Despite my dygraphia, I always wanted to be a writer. Most who love books come to that desire. I don’t think it would have ever been possible for me to get published without word processing, but also with a passionate desire to write that pushed me beyond the limitations of my dysgraphia.

The second: Can you learn it? I shut down instantly if anyone starts asking me a math question.  I have never gotten math ; I never will. I can hardly remember my phone number let alone calculate some thing. We all have unique talents and weaknesses. Use every one of your talents, but do not torture your self with the weaknesses that keep you from just doing it.

We were created as learning machines, the more we learn the more we understand and the more we understand the more we can help bring peace to our small world and the universe. Live, learn,  and be happy.


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Thank you.



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