How to Time Goals So You Score

Timing is every thing, well almost. As Yogi Berra said, “You don’t have to swing hard to hit a home run. If you got the timing, it’ll go.” 

#quotes about timing and goals

So I have reached the final step in my efforts to set a SMART goal for EFTI.

If you have not been  following Emotional Fitness Training’s  SMART Goal Blog Series, start at the beginning by scrolling down to the end of this post and reading the ones you have missed. Then read on as this is the next step in  the series.

Although my Reality Check said the chance of reaching my initial goal depended on my winning the lottery, I am not giving up just paring way down. I wanted to make enough money from EFTI to keep it going long after I could not. Mainly, I wanted to leave a legacy for my family. Preferably a monetary legacy, but as that seems unrealistic, I am shifting to leaving them what I call my intellectual property, meaning my writings.

That means, trying to get my as much of what I have written out there. The easiest and cheapest way will be to turn my writing into PDF’s and post them on my EFTI store.  Last week I put up a professional article. This week, my goal is to revise and put up Twelve Daily Emotional Fitness Exercises in PDF form.  Almost there and if not tomorrow then Sunday.

EMOTIonal Fitness TRaining Thoughts and tips

Four of the  letters in the SMART Goal Format have alternate meanings.

  • S  commonly = Specfic, but also strategic
  • M commonly = Measurable and nothing else
  • A  commonly =   Agreed, but also  attainable, action-oriented ambitious, and achievable
  • R commonly = Relevant, but also  realistic ,resourced, reasonable, or results-based.
  • T commonly = Time bound, but also for time limited, time/cost limited,, timely, time-sensitivee, or timeframe

I use the Time bound meaning. Basically that means having an end point in sight. It  also means setting smaller goals related to the long term goal.

Initially I gave myself a year to see if EFTI could produce some meaningful income. As  that is not likely to happen, I have shifted my goal to just getting as much of my writing as possible out there.  That means acquiring the knowledge needed to do what I cannot pay to have done.I am giving myself six  months to do that; then I will pay for help using what little I have; and finally, I will consider trying to raise money with a Fund Me type of campaign. 

As of this writing, I am giving myself until the end of Marth to master getting some of my intellectual property shared as PDFs. When  I master that I will put up at least one PDF based  book a month. Then I will spend the next three months mastering formatting for Smashwords, Kindle, and Create Space.  Next three months perfecting market skills including getting the store ship-shape.

I am on target as of now and with a little bit of luck will succeed. Either way, because this is a passion and meets the criteria of my mission, I am content.


Thank you for all you do.  Thank me by remembering sharing is caring; so is liking, or commenting. Your caring keeps me going.




WordPress Daily Prompt (Yawn)  What bores you?

Being bored is often a matter of attitude. I can easily get bored cleaning house or cooking. But When I Link it to the broader goal of living well and caring, it becomes something I can enjoy accomplishing.

I do a lot of reading and some stuff can get boring. Here’s a EFTI strategy for that: See boredom as a signal saying “I know that.” Skim ahead and then you come to material you do not know, say “I am learning that.” Helps me stay curious but also honors what I know.

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