I Will Be Back Next WeeK: Testing

Still feeling  like the lion and fox in this Savage Chicken Cartoon. However, things are slowly moving forward and will be posting again come next Tuesday.

lion and fox

Using this as a test post. You may have seen a similar one last week. Meanwhile Word Press Happiness Engineers have been hard at work help me transfer my old account to a business account.

Why have I done this? Two reasons. Hoping to make it easier for my readers to download Poster Coaches, Quick Start Programs, and my E-books.  Some will continue to be free, but I will be charging for most. Which is the second reason for using a business account. I don’t want or need much money, but I would like to get EFTI out of the red so it will live when I can no longer keep it going. Hope lives eternally.

t least I can still laugh.  When you cannot laugh about something, you need more help than I can give. The stress of trying to get my blog problems straightened out remains minor in terms of the things that really matter, but I am finding it harder and harder to laugh so here  some Emotional Fitness Tips for  me:

  1. Follow your own advice. OMM, Remember what matters. Try some Sloganeering. Do what self-soothes you best.
  2. Walk away.
  3. Laugh and play.
  4. Nap.
  5. Try again.
  6. Ask for help.
  7. Scream and shout
  8. Try chocolate.
  9. Try wine.
  10. Throw something.
  11. Repeat all of the above.
  12. Give up and stop blogging.

So I hope this reaches you.



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