Improve Your Emotional Intelligence: Feeling Fact

Sad to mad to glad exercise.

Feelings come and go. Some experts say the neurological life of one feeling lasts for seconds. How come some feelings seem to go and on? Two reasons. What triggered the feelings happens again or you keep the feeling going with negative talk.

What to do? Obviously, first try to stop whatever is triggering the feeling. Why snooze alarms are so popular.

If your self-talk is a problem, sit, breathe, and let your thoughts drift through your mind; after watching them for a bit, replace negative self-talk with a positive slogan, see if that helps.  Examples of positive slogans:

“It is what it is.” “Things change.”  “This will pass.” “Lessons.” “I  learn.” ” I survive.” “I endure.”

The above have worked for others, if not for you, find one that will keep you strong and silence your doubts and fears.

Thank you and stay strong.

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