Improve Your Emotional Intelligence: Just Be

Quote by Thich Nhah Hhan about Walking Meditations.

Take time every day to just be. Best done in you Personal Sanctuary. Virginia Wolfe described In a Room of Her Own the difficulties imposed on her ability to write when she lacked a personal sanctuary or private space. Her words speak, however, to a broader need for all. Every man, woman, and child needs a place for quiet reflection; to just be, to let the mind wander or focus on thoughts that calm or need thinking about.

Create a sanctuary in a crowded home by setting aside one chair that is yours. Everyone in the house can have a designated chair. Remember Goldilocks and the Three Bears? There was a Papa Bear chair, a Mama Bear chair, and a Baby Bear chair.

Make your chair comfy with a pillow, footstool, throw, or all three. If possible place a small table next to it and on the table put things that speak to you of calmness. Put a calming picture on a wall that you can see from your chair.

If you are busy in a world living with lots of others, you may have to schedule your sanctuary time for after the others are in bed, or before they get up in the morning. Some people make their bed their sanctuary and place the calming objects on a bedside stand and the picture where they see it when they first wake up.

Spend at least fifteen minutes a day enjoying your sanctuary.  Breathe and let your mind wander, watch your thoughts and feelings as they come and go.  Breathe some more. . 

Thank you and stay strong.

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