Improve Your Emotional Intelligence: Procrastinate More

When you become a professional procrastinator, it is amazing to see how much gets done or does not need doing. Professional procrastination is a sign of Emotional Intelligence.

Since the time of Moses; we the people have  been told we need at least one day of rest. Sadly, the work world wants us always working in one way or another.

Think about this for a moment – when you are buying, buying, buying, you are working for the person selling. Now I am of the opinion buying stuff keeps other people working a good thing. So I am not saying stop buying.  I am merely suggesting taking one day off  every week, parking your shopping cart, and enjoying more of what life has to offer.

To me that means not shopping, not watching television; not using my computer or cell phone; walking lots,;visiting nature; laughing, playing, creating; meeting friends; napping a bit,  and reading lots.

Try it you might like it. Start with a morning or afternoon or evening. Small steps matter, you matter, you need time away from the angst of the work world.

To procrastinate without angst, you need strong self soothing skills. So think about buying my e-Book Self-soothing to Create Calm In Your Life. 

Thank you for all you do.

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