Improve Your Emotional Intelligence: Think About What Matters

Quote about victims


This becomes an Emotional Fitness Training Exercise when you practice it with full awareness. How do you do that?  By taking a Calming Breath, thinking about the quote for a few moments, then taking another calming breath and going about your day.

How to take a Calming Breath:

1. Breathe in slowly to a count of five. It is helpful to tighten all your muscles beginning at your toes and moving up through your body while you breathe in. If for some reasons you do not want to tense your muscles, it still helps to imagine tensing and then releasing them

2. Hold your breath and the tension for another count of five.

3. Breathe out slowly for another count of five, and as you a breathe out slowly release the tension starting at your head and moving down to your toes.

4. Breathe normally, smile gently, and say a silent “Thank you.”

Warning: When learning Calming Breath, start when you are already relaxed. This insures stress will not interfere with its effectiveness.

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Thank you and stay strong.


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