In Which I Explain Why I am Armed (via Yerttle’s Blog)


Since we have moved to Denver, my husband has acquired a gun, gotten his training and his carry permit. He carries it to certain meetings with the knowledge of the leaders of those meetings. Part of the unpaid security team.

We lived in the Bronx, we witnessed a murder from our bedroom window, at my job I witnessed a shoot out and stabbings; knew personally two kids killed in gang shootings. Couldn’t get a gun there, but this is the wild west and I am not at all unhappy my husband now totes one. Fully understand your position.

In Which I Explain Why I am Armed I'm actually a really peaceful person. I've followed all the rules for obtaining my weapons, permits and whatnot, and hope to never use any of them. I don't bandy them about, show them off. Anyway, I'm a law-abiding citizen who is kind to strangers, smiles at babies, and addresses the aged by "sir" and "ma'am". Also, I'm a mom of three who is willing to fight, in ugly and unladylike fashion, to protect those children. I don't judge or click my to … Read More

via Yerttle's Blog

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