Independence, automony versus politically correct speech

Quote from Declaration of Independece

Liberty assures us the right to pursue  happiness, not necessarily to get it.  As Jefferson notes, in order to pursue happiness  life and personal safety must be assured.

The point? Hurt feelings do not endanger life, but recently politically correct speech has become an excuse for destroying property, looting, physical attack, and murder. The solution?

Emotional Fitness Tips

Tip one: Understand this: Envy, greed, jealous, and personal feelings of inferiority drive violence connected to hurt feelings.  Yours and every one else’s.

Tip two: Hurt feelings?  Your problem, your responsibility.

Tip three: Hurt feelings? Do as the old saying suggests, “Suck it up, buttercup” or  do what a dog does when it gets wet – shake it off.

Tip four: Hurt feelings? Strengthen all your self-soothing skills including remembering what matters, practicing kindness, being grateful, and forgiving all.

Tip five: To make the world better, say what you mean, but don’t say it mean.

Tip six: Stay safe and work to stop  all violence set free by hurt feelings.

My book Self-soothing To Create Calm in Your Life is on sale at my Amazon’s Author page. As with most of my books,  it costs less than an ice cream sundae and the good it holds lasts longer.

Thank You for All You Do

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This post was inspired by the Word Press  Daily Post Prompt “Autonomy

I use the Daily Prompts not just to spark my blog ideas, but to improve my critical thinking skills.

Not sure  how to use a Daily Post Prompt as a writer?  Here are the steps to get started. Then improve your thinking skills by seeing where the prompt has  taken others and how other thoughts fuel  your thoughts. Whether you write or not your thinking skills are improved by reading other people’s thoughts.



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