Please watch this Ted TAlk by Tim Hurson.   It takes less than twenty minutes, but shares not just some inspiring stories but a Staying Strong Tip.  Think outside of the box, for solutions to the problems you cannot stop, think about what you don’t know.  If what you knew would solve a problem, it would be solved.  This brought me to tears as stories of the amazing strength of we the people.

YouTube – TEDxMaastricht – Tim Hurson – “The shock of the possible”.

By the way, don’t throw out the old, just put it aside for a while and let your brain find a new way to think about the old.  Tim Hurson, didn’t know the cartoonist for his last illustration. I found it using the internet, by now an old way of researching.  Love Shel Silverstein.  If you haven’t read his poems or viewed his cartoons.  Do so, he kept thinking of the way children viewed things and that is one way to make the powerful connections Hurson talks about.

Share, Care, and Stay strong.

IMAGE:Shel Silverstein

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