THINK YOU HAVE IT HARD? THINK AGAIN.  Read Erin’s blog.  I was first captured by a post by her on  Kevin, MD.   Her post began commenting that what takes many  people minutes takes her twice or three times as long and makes finding balance harder.   She has cerebral palsy and mega doses of courage.  This will take you to her blog, you will be grateful for her strength, I know I am.  Thank you Erin.

Healthy, Unwealthy, and Becoming Wise.

As we age we also find life more consuming.  I have Doctor-fatigue for example.  Know I need to make two appointments.  One to get my hearing re-tested another for an annual checkup and as I am starting to have some new symptoms–gastro-related I believe and why we WOWs are sometimes called Old Farts.   Each visit will consume time and probably lead to more visits.  Wearying.   I’d rather write or hike or sit in the sun.

Anyway, I’m not-motivated to go doctoring.  Sigh.  Then there is the loss of time getting up in the morning and down at night.  Used to zip up be dressed and out of the house or tucked into bed with the speed of light.  No more, no more. no more.And finally there is the brain leakage or confusion,  My brain writes to fast for coherence as some of you may have noticed, so it is delete, back space, praise spell and grammar check,  think how bad it was when I wrote with pen and pencil and then a type-writer–still it ain’t easy and eats up time for creating rather than repairing.

Still how lucky I am considering all the alternatives, the given joys my life has brought and people like Erin inspiring me.  Thank you again Erin.

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