WHAT CAN YOU DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE?  More than you think and every little thing you do to make the world better nurture’s your heart.  Be selfish, act now.   This article reviews a  novel telling the true story of Otto and Elise Hampel, whose postcard campaign — “Hitler’s war is the worker’s death!” — frustrated the Gestapo until the couple’s capture in October 1942 and subsequent beheading.

Op-Ed Columnist – The Banality of Good –

I have tried to keep my political views and rants out of my blog, but doing so violates one of my core principles–what I call The Mission. One of the most important emotional fitness exercises asks you to Remember the Mission.

The idea of Remembering The Mission came to me when Oprah was hawking “The Secret.”  I have been twice interviewed by Oprah, I like Orapah, I admire Oprah, I have been a loyal fan.  Nevertheless, I really hated when she promoted that book.  Also hate it whenever she says, “If I made it, anyone can.”

So not true, so belittling of her gifts, so unfair to those without her talents, or her luck.

One of the biggest travesties foisted on the hopeful of today’s world is the idea that visioning works.   “You gotta have a dream. If you don’t have a dream, how you gonna make a dream come true?” is a great song, but if you recall the musical in which it was sung, most of the people dreaming ended up defeated or dead. Dreams and goals matter, no mistaking that, but wanting something with your whole heart, working as hard as you can to achieve to get that something, visioning your success fails as often as it succeeds. The force, life, gods, the goddesses, or God say “No” more often then “Yes.”  Otherwise rags to riches stories, wouldn’t be news.

The Mission relies only on you for success.  The Mission requires no talent, no money, no brains, no special skills.  What do I mean by The Mission?  I mean doing whatever you can do to  make the world better.  Saints and heros do so in big ways, but every person alive can further the mission.  Being kind, praising a child, giving a compliment, sending a post card, signing a petition,  writing a letter to your legislatures, contributing to a charity, dropping a coin into a beggar’s hand are a few of the hundred ways any one can remember and act on the Mission.

Pursue your dreams and you have all my hopes they come true for you, but just as important remains remembering and acting on the Mission.

Share, dare, care, and stay strong.

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