It’s Not Easy Growing Old: Age UK (via Whatever’s In There, Falls Out Here.)

Loved this video and makes you wonder why we in the US cannot do better for ALL our WOOs Wise Old Ones. I am lucky, I currently have all I need, including a great Silver Slippers card that gets me into all the programs at the local YMCA and many other gyms, but the Y is more than enough. Sadly, what I have makes me among the privileged few. Thank you for this. I was honored to reblog it.

Just a wee one today, and a rather enjoyable one at that! It seems I've been a little negative the past two posts, so here's something a little light hearted, that should put a smile on even Ian Dransfield's face (if that's possible!).It's funny, light-hearted, and it features old people doing a dance, zooming around on mobility scooters, and generally being a bit boss. It's feel-good advertisin … Read More

via Whatever's In There, Falls Out Here.

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