Tele-scammers making me very cranky

TOPIC 69 DISTORTION  Well, I wasnt’ sold, but my telephone number was.  Maybe more valuable than my real body.  The problems started several days ago.  This morning the first call came  while I was sleeping and then came once or twice an hour.  Has me a bit pissed.  Cranky Old Man called Verizon they could only block specific numbers and this is a big enough operation that it uses the new numbers every day.  Then he tried the FCC. Hour wait on the phone and he gave up.

The few times I have answered the callers have variously identified themselves and tried to entice me or push me to give personal information.  Obviously scammers seeking to become me or gain access to all my worldly possession.  They will be very disappointed if they succeed.

I was a bit rude to the last caller.  “Too many calls wanting personal information, don’t know who you are. Take me off your list.” He hung up.  So I assume  he wasn’t anyone I knew.  But if it was, I apologize.

Anyway, I may have to change my number, but for now if your name doesn’t pop up as calling me, I’m not answering, nor am I picking up messages. So if you need to talk to me, email me first, send me your number and I will call you and your name will come up in my cell phone.

STAYING STRONG TIP  My phone number is out there because of my business and I now very few people call me.  But it has been mine twenty years so  love it;  mainly because I remember it. I hope I don’t have to change it.  Do suggest to add less stress to your life you, check all your privacy settings, so you can stay private.

Also glad Shabbat is about to start and I can withdraw from electronic craziness and distortions. Grateful for all the electronic revolution has wrought, but also glad to turn off. Try the same.

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  1. I have heard the same story from a few people so that I no longer answer the phone unless I know the number. If I do answer I say ‘just a moment’ put the phone down on the counter and carry on with my life..usually an hour later I check and the have hung up by then. Or I simply hang up without a word even though it goes against my politeness gene.

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