For those of you perusing the help wanted adds.  Think out side of your box–it is a hard world out there right now.  Helps to remember a job is just a job, not the only road to happiness.  Being able to pay the rent, however, usually helps pave the way to the good life.  Being kind does too  Stay strong.

Jobs Go Unfilled, Gen Y Waiting on a Sign – Forbes.

STAYING STRONG TIP: When you get to the boss as suggested in the article be the best you you can be. Be savy, be smart, be prepared, be polite.  Have a one minute promo of yourself that starts with a sentence that lets the boss know you know him and his business and why you will be an asset.  Give him a card, leave him with a thank you.

Good way to get in front of the boss is to accept a lower level job than you think you deserve and to shine at that job.  Volunteering also works.

Good luck.

Care, share, and stay strong.


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