Katherine Gordy Levine Announcement and Warning

I have been struggling with computer problems – mainly a very vicious virus.

The virus appears as a pop up, even if most of yours are blocked. The pop-up says your computer is at risk and cites that in many different ways. You  think the help is coming from a certifed and safe technician. NOT.

Often the pop up takes the form of asking if you are having problems with your internet server and then asks you to complete a survey and   contact what they say is a Mircrosoft or Apple technician by clicking on the message or calling their  phone number.

DO NOT CLICK OR CALL.  Shut down your computer and get it scanned by the known security resource you use now.

We are fortunate that we have purchased Dell Support AND  they have at least spent a week trying to free our computers of this. Hopefully they have managed.


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Thank you.




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