Keep Mother Nature Singing: Five Tips To Keep Her Melody Alive and Well

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Whether it is climate change or the ever mounting piles of trash, we humans need to do more to keep our world filled with the sights, sounds, and wonders of nature.

Emotional Fitness Tip One: Be with nature and beauty anyway you can. Walk in a park, walk in a woods, camp in the wild, sit in a garden, stroll a beach, grow some something, befriend an animal, stare at the stars, or listen to the melody of the pounding surf.

Emotional Fitness Tip Two: Teach the children in your life to value nature and to protect it. 

Emotional Fitness Tip Three: Shut down the sounds that block nature’s voices. Spend silent time with nature so you can hear her songs. See how long you can go without your cell phone on, your ears plugged with man-made music, or your eyes filled with videos and such. Stretch that time a bit each day.

Emotional Fitness Tip Four: Be deliberate in your efforts to be with nature’s wonder and beauty.  Deliberate means being fully aware and in the moment. Take a Calming Breath (breathe in slowly, hold your breath for at least five seconds, breathe out slowly, then smile gently, and say a silent “Thank You.”) While holding your breathe focus on what nature is telling you.

You can extend this short exercise by breathing normally and maintaining your focus on nature’s wonder. When your focus wanders another Calming Breath can restore it.

Emotional Fitness Tip Five: Make it part of your Life’s Mission  preserving nature’s wonder for all future generations.   It is part of my mission. I am almost 80. I cannot do much, but I can still pick up the trash the heedless dump on Colorado’s hiking trails. I am not rich, so I use my blog to promote kindness and caring not just toward people, but toward animals and nature. I also give what I can to charity and that includes those invested in saving our wilderness and wild animals. 

Learn more about missions by buying my eBook Know Your Mission So You Can Reach Your Goals for more exercises that help you stay strong. As with all my eBooks, this one costs less than a latte is healthier and longer lasting.

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