Know Your Mission So You Can Reach Your Goals

What keeps you going when you are bone weary, and darkness gathers?  Staying alive, of course, but then more is needed. That more is your mission.

Mission quotes

This short Emotional Fitness Post was inspired by this WordPress Daily Prompt: A Blogger with a Cause: If your day-to-day responsibilities were taken care of and you could throw yourself completely behind a cause, what would it be?

Few can spend their days doing what they love. Life needs come first. Abraham Maslow knew that when he created his hierarchy of needs: “physiological”, “safety”, “belongingness” and “love”, “esteem”, “self-actualization”, and “self-transcendence”.

Getting our biological, safety, and connectedness deeds drive us all and you are lucky if you can also move ahead to meeting the final three.

My belongingness and love needs connect me strongly to people; I want and crave contact and so am grateful for social media, particularly now that I am slowly losing my hearing.

My esteem wants to recognized as an author and that means earning a bit of money.  Not there and probably won’t get there. Not as important as I move toward my 80s.

Self-actualization as defined by Maslow is – “the need to be good, to be fully alive and to find meaning in life.”

I strive for that and for most of every day find it. I have been very lucky and blessed.

Self-transcendence means experiencing spiritual ideas such as considering oneself an integral part of the universe. I am boggled when I think about it to be the small dot of sand I am but still a part of a wondrous creation. Again very blessed.

What the post is asking, however, is about a personal mission and I recognized mine in my 50s although I had been living it most of my life.  It is best summed up in the words: “Remember what matters and practice kindness.”

Writing has been my passion, what I must do to feel alive and what I find gets me through even the darkest days.  My eBook Know  Your Mission So You Can Reach You Goals focuses on what keeps you going.  It is available aKindle for $2.99 and that is less than a latte. This little book makes a great graduation gift for those heading for college or looking for  a job.

Apologies that it is not available in paper back, but hopefully some day I will succeed in getting that done. Remember it can be read on any device, if you download the kindle app.


Remember sharing is caring and the easiest way to practice kindness is to share this post if you found it helpful.  Share it even if it doesn’t speak to you, it will speak to some. Didn’t like it?  Comment and tell me why and how to improve.



These links are for those not familiar with Emotional Intelligence or the idea of Emotional Fitness.

Thank you for all your do and stay strong.



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