This post deals with apologies.  It offers a quote to think about,  a link to a post about Lance Armstrong’s Apology, and a quick Emotional Fitness Training Tip


The link to the post about Lance Armstrong’s Apology.

The Emotional Fitness Tip:   Hurts are acts of betrayal and broken trust. When apologizing, take full responsibility for the act and how it hurt the other person.  Make no excuses for your behavior.  Cast no blame else where.  Ask to be forgiven. Ask how you can make amends.

Staying Strong:  Forgiveness requires emotional strength.  Emotional fitness is about strengthening the skills needed to be emotionally healthy. Practicing the  DAILY TWELVE EMOTIONAL FITNESS EXERCISES  is a good start. 

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DISCLAIMER ONE: EMOTIONAL FITNESS TRAINING IS NOT THERAPY.  It is a self-care, self-help educational program. Therapy is about healing, Emotional Fitness Training is about strengthening.


    • He was certainly one. I think the kind of drive he had for success, made failure and having to admit it a more difficult for him than many. It speaks in some ways to a greater insecurity. Sad, he had so much and fell so hard. Needed to keep his priorities straight. Thank you for commenting.

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