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Daily Prompt: What was the last thing you searched for online? Why were you looking for it?  It was this.  and took you to two EFTI poster coaches designed to improve Emotional Intelligence.

Seven Reasons to Procrastinate.

And the second one:

How to meditate in one minute

Why was I looking for this?  As any who reads me knows, I have just opened an EFTI store hopinf\g  that what I sell will promote not just my blog but emotional fitness and Emotional Intelligence in general.  So, thank you yet again Word Press Prompt for proving me with a thought that lets me promote my blog and my poster coaches.

Also the personal status I posted yesterday, bears repeating:

A personal status update

I need anyone who follows me and expects a post a day to know that I am not procrastinating, however, I am making some changes as I need to focus a bit better.

First change: Moving home and office, in less than a week, so must stop procrastinating the packing up chores.

Second change: Need to write more.  New eBook needs last edit and need to attend to that.

Third change: Until moved, unpacked, and the next book is edited no long Emotional Fitness Training Posts.  Instead will use my EFTI Poster Coaches to give you something to think about, maybe something laugh about, or a way to be with beauty.

Not sure what a poster coach is or how to use it. Well here is one of the most popular ones:

And here is a comment by Jean Tracy of Kids Discuss and a major guru when it comes to building character and teaching social skills to children: “I appreciate how your Kindness Poster shares so many important social skills. It would look great on many fridges as a reminder to family members.”

What works for kids also works for adults.  Poster coaches encourage practice of one of the Twelve Easy Emotional Fitness Exercises. Most focus on Thinking About What Matters.   Here are other ideas for using them.

  1. Frame and hang at home, in classrooms or office
  2. Add to bulletin boards
  3. Use as workshop handouts
  4. Use for workbook covers
  5. Use as rewards
  6. Give as gifts

Enough said. I need to stop procrastinating and start packing.

Stay strong, I am trying and as usual thank you for sharing and caring.



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