LAUGH Build your emotional fitness.

Daily Word Press Post Prompt: Do you consider yourself a funny person?  No. I steal other people’s jokes as I did for  this Parents Are People Too Blog Post. Thank you Doug Savage for letting me  steal yours. 

Emotional fitness poster about teaching children courage

Teach your children courage, it can be done.  This blog post tells you how, read on.

emotional fitness tip

“Laugh and Play” is one of my 12 Daily Easy Emotional Fitness Exercises. Humor helped me survive life with my husband and two sons; the years as a foster parent caring for 366  teens in trouble with law (no joke  – short-term, boys and girls, 4 to 6 as a time); being fired; and now growing old. 

Having a sense of humor also helped me get through 9/11. I was directing a New York City Crisis Team for Families and Children when the terrorists flew their planes into the tower. 

Reality check:  There was no laughter on 9/11 or the days that followed. Some events drive humor out of all our hearts.  When you can laugh again, you have stopped standing dead in the water. Your life will never be the same, but you are moving on. 

I credit Johnnie Carson with my survival during the years David and I were foster parents.  We had a TV in our room and watched him every night before falling asleep.  We laughed hardest whenever Buddy Hackett was a guest, second hardest laugh was Steve Martin’s Flydini. 

stay strong

In order to strengthen, the best laughter does not point swords of shame at other people – unless, and this is a big unless; those people are purveyors of hatred.  Poking fun of a religion or a political personage preaching kill the other meaning the non-believer or the opposition need to suffer arrows of shame anyway those arrows can be sent. 

Remember what matters most is The Mission and that means trying to make the world a bit kinder for all you meet.  You can be kind to me by sharing this post if you feel another will profit. Don’t want to share it? How about liking it? 


Links to other articles.  Savage Chickens fuels my daily laughter, if you haven’t subscribed, do so now.  If you don’t know Buddy Hackett or have seen Steve Martin’s Flydini you need to watch them now.


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