If this gives you a laugh, you are out of danger, feeling like a survivor.  If you cannot laugh, when that becomes possible once again, you are back on track.

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When we cannot laugh, we are dealing, as Winston Churchill once noted with one or more times  “…times that try our souls.”

I call these times Life Blows.

EMOTIONAL fitness TIPS when LAUGHter flees

Tip one:  Safety first.  Concentrate on nothing but getting and staying safe.  You cannot help others stay safe if you are not safe.  As the airlines say “Put on your oxygen mask before trying to help another. ”

Tip two: When everyone is safe, you might have to stand dead in the water for a while before moving forward. Don’t fight that,  your body is telling you stay still while you gather the strength to go on.

Tip three:  When you can do more than stand there, do all the things your mother and family doctor told you to do to get and stay strong.  Eat healthy food, comfort food, and a bit of indulgent food.  Do all other things that help you de-stress.  For some that might be a hot shower or a relaxing bath; for others moving you body fast and furious; for still others become a couch potato. Finally, get back to a regular sleep routine.

If you have trouble sleeping, are having nightmares that wake you, see you doctor and ask for some sleep aid medication.  Life blows are relived in our dreams.  The brain is attempting to deal with chaos in long cherished beliefs created by life blows.  Sleep is curative and sometimes a bit of medication is needed to get through the aftermath of a life blow.

Tip three:  Talking helps, but not endlessly going over and over what happened.  As you talk about the event, talk about the shifts in your beliefs,  about why bad things happen, about what you wish you could have done, and finally, about lessons learned.

Tip four:  End all talking about a life blow with an affirmation that places the event in the past and recognizes you as a survivor whether at the moment you feel like one or not.

Tip five:  Get back to your regular routine as quickly as possible. If you see others moving ahead with their lives, and you cannot move forward,  seek professional help.  The longer you wait to do that, the harder finding full recovery becomes.

Tip six: If you have not learned all of EFT’s Daily Twelve Exercises, do so and start incorporating them into your life.  You can down load them by clicking here.


Life is a struggle, full of pain and suffering, people who harm others as well as those who seek peace for all, horrible accidents, and Mother Nature’s nastiness as well as her bounty and beauty.


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