PLAY EDUCATES. ADULTS DON’T PLAY ENOUGH. TOO MANY PLANNED HOURS RESTRICTS CHILDREN’S PLAY AND HARMS CREATIVITY. Although about laugh and play this is also about POWER LEADING  and the main topic for today. All of us are power leaders,  particularly those of us who are  parents, but also teachers, preachers, coaches, playmates and bosses.

First a great story about Legos and their creative power which to me is a story about free play.

Fulfilling a Kid’s Dream to Play With Legos All Your Life –

I was born when television was still a dream, kids roamed  fairly free, and boredom was  a problem for a child to solve,  not something parents or teachers were supposed to erradicate.  I spent lots of time high in a tree, reading or roaming our small town with my dog.

When my kids came along so had television and Legos.  They and I loved Legos.  I still mourn that in one of our many moves, the Lego’s I had saved once the boys began to think of them as “Kid’s stuff” got lost.  But as a grandparent I can again  play with those building blocks of the imagination.

Ben is now almost two.  Since he could walk,  holes, slots and what goes in them occupies much of his play.   Freud’s followers  have made much of that and see it as a male thing.  Believe me it is not, just as penis envy is not as big as the men of another age thought.  I once changed one of my sons while a little girl looked on. “Ohhh, a worm.”  She gasped upon seeing the penis.  Made me and her mother laugh out loud.  I think that worm has much charm, certainly makes urinating in strange places easier, but I am fully aware of how is can be a burden for  men.  Penis envy is much more of a male thing and smart women are gratefully the don’t have to get something up to enjoy sex. But that is a side issue and the topic of my novel.  So back to Legos.

I now have Ben to play with.  I  scour the thrift stores for used Legos–not many around.  I found  big plastic dump truck to be used with Duplos–a child’s first Lego.  That cost about three bucks and is greatly treasured.  Also found some Duplos  on occasion and all much cheaper than at the toy stores.   Next play date will take some pictures of Ben and I practicing creativity as we play.

STAYING STRONG TIP–find ways to free play with a child–your own, your grandchildren, someone elses.  Volunteers are always needed to work with children. Not only will the child be strengthened, but so will you.

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