TOPIC: Doing what you can to stay strong. Also a bit of a rant against those who say we can be anything and do anything if we only hold to our dreams and work at them.

Here is an amazing video about defeating aging by laughing and playing. The video features  Stephen Jepson the man shown above.  Do note that he is old and in one sense that is what makes the video so amazing.


Please take a few  minutes to watch. Minimally, the video will blow your mind. It did mine.

Play to stay young

Did it leave you up lifted or depressed?  Did both things for me.

The uplift? I know the video will  motivate many to get up off their duffs and play. If you follow me, you know Laugh and Play is one of my Twelve Daily Emotional Fitness Exercises.

Craig Harper a blogger I follow pointed me to the video.   Craig is an Aussie, a motivational speaker and a fitness expert.  He was also blown away by the video.

The down side:  My cranky self  has  to make a few points.

  1. Jepson was born to play, raised by a mother who encouraged his play and his curiosity.
  2.  He was also born with many, many talents.  Most obviously, he has what Howard Gardner says is  “Bodily Talent.”  Gardner has a theory that the human race has at least nine different types of intelligence as well as many learning styles.   Moreover, some of us have more of one type of intelligence than another; some of us are talented in one area, retarded in another.  Some of us learn in multiple ways.  Geniuses, and I think Jepson is clearly a genius, usually have more than one type of intelligence or learning style.
  3. In addition to  his many intelligences, Jepson also seems eternally optimistic.  Another trait that involves a bit of luck.  The first luck is being born with good mood genes. The second  bit of luck is not suffering from unbearable trauma that can turn born optimists into dour pessimists.
  4. His parents also seemed to have endowed him with the most important of life’s values, trying to improve the world
  5. His parents were probably not living a hard scrabble life.
  6. His talents have led him to making enough money so he obviously does not have to worry about money.
  7. He is Attention Deficit Disorder-Hyperactive type. His Hyperactvity and Distractablity has enhanced his life which is why I crossed out Disorder.  Still, even if not disordered or  diagnosed, but I am willing to bet he fits the criteria with the exception that  his  has enhanced his functioning, not interfered. How?  He has a high energy level, probably doesn’t need heaps of sleep, his distractibility has morphed into a relentless curiosity and that has made him a life long learner.

I truly envy and admire the man, but just because he can do all those things does not mean I can or even that the most others watching him can. As always I crank against the ever prevalent idea “Because I do it, everyone can.”


Tip one: Take what you can use and leave the rest.  I am so lucky I have grands to play with several days a week.  I am going to play a bit harder with them.  I also think I will do the ball catching in a glass bit.  I might re-try to learn how to juggle, once I could keep four balls in the air.  I might also try some balancing exercises.

Tip two: Do take some time to learn about multiple intelligence and also about your learning styles.  When I was introduced to those ideas, I understood myself and others much better; I also  became less judgemental.

Tip three: Remember what matters. You know I think that means being kind, caring, and working to make the world better for all.

Tip four: Remember luck is part of determining who we are.  If the video left you feeling less than good about yourself, practice some self acceptance. Be grateful for what you do have, do your best to make the most of your talents, but don’t compare yourself.  For me realizing luck is part of life helps me be more accepting.


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I don’t promise you will be forever young, I do believe my 12 Exercises will improve the quality of your life, beginning the day you start practicing them.

Stay strong, as I tell my self all the time.



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