Today’s Word Press’ Daily Prompt asked what we want from our leader, as I posted yesterday: “More Aikida, Fewer Guns.” Today, I write to our president.


What Aikida promises serves all better than the offerings of competitive sports, shot-em-up media, the call for happiness, and the constant ranting against those who are outside or circle of acceptance.

Dear Mr. President,

Promote peace and mandate Aikida training in all federally funded programs.  In our schools it should be as important as “reading, writing, arithmetic, or  physical education training.

Also make such training mandatory for  all whose jobs require caring guns  – security officers,  police,  our service men and women.

Finally, make it a requirement  for getting and maintaining a license to carry a gun.

Aikida is a martial arts program that teaches peace making and conflict resolution.  Aikida  also improves self-esteem, raises emotional intelligence, promotes individual compassion, and increases personal safety skills.

Most of the mass murderers are described as loners and isolated.  Aikida training in the schools might mean less shunning of kids who seem different.

One of my theories about the Columbine Mass Murders was that the two killers were outside the school’s main stream Christian mind-set and therefore felt or were shunned.

My only quarrel with Christianity is the idea that damnation awaits those who do not embrace Jesus as the Messiah. I theorize that the Columbine killers already felt among the damned. Moreover, they were probably caught up in the typical adolescent romantic ideas about death.  Moreover, many teens think after death they will  be able to witness other people’s reactions.  

Aikida training for all students might have made the killers feel less damned, less angry.  Their anger would have diminshed, and peace might have reigned instead of violence.

And yes, Mr President, I know this will not end all violence. However,  I believe it will serve just as well as tighter gun laws, worrying about violence in the mentally ill – a myth, and might counter some of the media messages that promote violence. Have you seen the Infinity commercial in which a father destroys other cars for revenge in one case and to get a parking space in the second? And don’t get me started on all the political divisiveness or the talking heads name calling and ranting. If all politicians were Aikido trained cooperation might become the norm between you and your opponents.

I think you and a majority of your followers and the many of the opposition would agree that we need to promote letting go of anger so peace will have a chance.   Even more of the opposition will be drawn in as this plan is lots cheaper than trying to  enforce gun laws or improve mental health services. I’ll bet you dinner at my house or yours that even the NRA would lend support to a More Aikido and Fewer Guns plan.

Sincerely yours,

Katherine Gordy Levine – wife, mother, grandmother,  cranky old lady, therapist,  and once upon a time, foster-mother, Columbia University School of Social Work Professor,   Director of Mental Health Crisis Teams in the South Bronx,  author, now retired and writing more.


Aikido teaches what to think about what matters and to practice kindness, two of my Daily Twelve Emotional Fitness Exercises.   Both Aikida and EFT seek to increase the number of paths to  peace to our world. Click here to go to the webpage that describes all twelve EFT exercises.


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