The dreams we dream at night are thought to be the road to our unconscious thoughts. Perhaps and perhaps not. Then there are our daydreams.

A quick post about dreams, the more you understand the stronger your Emotional Intelligence

Taking action to turn daydreams into reality is a sure sign of Emotional Intelligence.  Another sign is knowing lots about you, what the experts call self-awareness. Freud, the father of psychoanalysis believed our dreams were our unconscious longings.  Maybe, maybe not.  Go here to read about that

Modern science isn’t so sure. Go read an article about that.

Some people believe you can change your dreams. Go here to read about that.

Whatever your night-time  dreams mean, your daydreams are your way of thinking about what you long to have in your life.  Give them a better chance of becoming  real  by setting a SMART Goal.

How to set SMART Goals

For more detailed  information about setting a SMART Goal, watch my blog pages for my SMART Goal series. I hope to post that by the end of today.  In it, I take on setting a SMART Goal for my EFTI business. It was not a happy process as I had to face quite a few unpleasant facts, but I also get headed in a better direction.

WordPress’s Daily Post Prompt  and throw-back Thursday inspired me to repost this previous post.


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These links are for those not familiar with Emotional Intelligence or the idea of Emotional Fitness.

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