Lost youth

I used to look good, now I look good for my age. In a society that venerates youth, its loss is often unexpected. But for all fortunate to live a long life, there  comes that day when you look in the mirror and find an old you staring back.  

At about that same time, you begin to hear, particularly if you have health problems or you memory fades, “Doing great for your age.”

Years later, you begin to realize you have become invisible to many, or worse trivialized for being way over thirty.

Not much you can do to stop the years from piling up.  I sometimes wish I lived where youth was not venerated.  My pique comes out when I watch the tv ads portraying kids, even toddlers, as being wiser than adults.  Simple not true which is why we don’t issue driver’s licenses at least until the teen years.

Don’t get me wrong, I love kids.  But….

Emotional Training Tips for Staying Strong While Aging

Tip one:  Be grateful you have been lucky enough to stay alive.

Tip two: Enjoy now, it really is all we have.

Tip three: Keep laughing.

Tip four: Play as often as possible with kids young enough not care to how old you are, but how much fun you can have together.

Tip five: Care less about looking young and more about what matters: caring, sharing, and kindness.


No matter what your age remember what matters builds emotional strength. People worry too much about growing old and not enough for enjoying the years they have been given.

As always, thank you for all you do and remember sharing is caring.


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