A blog post about lost love or lost lusts.  “I many times thought love had come when love was far away.”  My apologies Emily.

I attended 30 weddings in one year.  That was 1959. I was graduating from college into to the work world,  the women I had roomed with throughout my college years were graduating into marriage.

I married in 1971.  A few friends had divorced by then, but an amazing number remained married to the first and only loves of their lives. Lucky or not? For the most part, lucky.

I was also lucky to lust, love, lose, love, lust, and lose several times before I married. In the process, I broke a few hearts and had mine broken a few times –   solid life lessons about gathering the strength to go on.

At one point, I found Peter Mcwilliam’s little book.  I recommend it to all struggling today with the loss of a love – true heart or lust alone.

I leave you with this quote from Peter and his co-authors: “Pain (any pain–emotional, physical, mental) has a message. The information it has about our life can be remarkably specific, but it usually falls into one of two categories: We would be more alive if we did more of this and Life would be more lovely if we did less of that. Once we get the pain’s message, and follow its advice, the pain goes away.


My Valentine Day’s thought for the you and our world, is that our failed love and failed dreams move us toward a greater love of one another, the ability to forgive if not forget and so move the world closer to Peace on Earth.

As I tell myself a thousand times a day, stay strong, give lots of love, be grateful, practice kindness, live now, give and seek forgiveness, and always hope  the blessing of the forces beyond our control are with you and those you love.


A repeated of my  mundane update: I am shifting gears, jumping fences, trying to shift from the role of Parent Expert, to Emotional Fitness Expert.  Mostly, I am working on what I hope will be my breakout book: The Art of Emotional Fitness: Control The Feelings Trying to Control You. Many of you helped pick the title. Thank you.

What this means: I am posting less on both my blogs.  I keep hoping to set a firm schedule, but my brain doesn’t work that way, well, at least three-quarters of the time. Nevertheless, this is what might happen:

Parents are People Two: Monday, a long parenting blog on a topic for the week.  Off and on, poster quotes, jokes, whatever. Thursday or Friday a wrap up post.

Emotional Fitness Training: Tuesday, a long post on whatever hits my passion button. Usually a topic and then followed off and on with short posts — poster quotes, jokes, whatever. Friday a wrap up post.

You are all on my added care team.  I desperately need reviews – every author does; reviews sell books.  At this time, the book is to be published in chapters. If you are interested in reviewing one or all of the chapters let me know and you will get a review copy.  Not sure what reviewing involves?  I am putting together a one page guide. Even short reviews and a star rating works.

The first chapter is a longer revision of the Daily Twelve Emotional Fitness Exercises. The free edition is to be removed soon and replaced with a few E-Fit exercises.

Finally, still coughing, and feeling only half better, but so grateful I feel well enough to be active here.

DISCLAIMER: FORGIVE MY GRAMMATICAL ERRORS FOR I HAVE DYSGRAPHIA.  If you need perfect posts, you will not find them here. Dysgraphia is a not well known learning disability and means that sometimes my sentence structure is not that easy to follow or I make other errors. Still, most people understand me. All of my books are professionally edited, but not all of my blog posts are.  If this troubles you, feel free to read elsewhere.  If you persevere, you are practicing kindness by lifting my spirits for that means you find what I say helpful and that is one of my missions. Kindness always repays those who spread it.

Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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