“Maybe” Thinking Equals Better Relationships

Quotes about opinion vs facts

Emotional Fitness Tips

Tip one: Most of what you think you know you is a matter of opinion, not fact.   

Yes, there are what some call “Brute facts.” These, however, are not necessarily scientific truths. Think of the solid paths we walk across  without thought:  floors, cement, hard packed dirt, rocky cliffs. What seems solid might be anything and could in a second cast you down, cover you with lava, or pull you into a pit of sand.

Tip two: Spend sometime training yourself to think “Maybe.”

Maybe I’m wrong.

Maybe s/he’s right.

Maybe ii is a matter of opinion.

Maybe it is both true and false.

Maybe we can come together on one thing of another.

Maybe we can look for agreement not argument.

Tip Three: Maybe its a Gotcha War.

A Gotcha War is not about right or wrong, but who can make the other person seem crazier. Gotcha War

Tip four: Become a No-Gotcha Warrior

How to win a Gotcha War with a teen

Tip five: Beef up your self soothing skills so you can think, act, instead of reacting in ways you regret. EFTI’s eBook Self-Soothing To Create Calm In Your Life is a best buy at under $3.00 and more calming than a latte.

Tip six: Remember that the stronger your opinion, the more likely it is opinion, a maybe,  and not a fact. 

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