Living with war has been an ongoing part of my life.

Too many have died and we still have not brought peace to our world.

Memorial day image and quote

Something to think about.

A quote from my favorite author T.H. White. His book The Once and Future King was the basis of many movies about Camelot, but was a satire about evil and good and hope. He is speaking to the young King Arthur in this quote:

There is one fairly good reason for fighting – and that is, if the other man starts it. You see, wars are a great wickedness, perhaps the greatest wickedness of a wicked species. They are so wicked that they must not be allowed. When you can be perfectly certain that the other man started them, then is the time when you might have a sort of duty to stop them.

Stay strong

Staying strong is not easy. Memorial Day is a day to think about what matters. Two things matter in our quest for peace: Kindness and Justice for All.  Justice does not mean a level playing field, but the right of all to be safe, to live free from fear, to hold beliefs others disagree with all while seeking the same for all others.  Be as kind as possible as you go about your daily life but be willing to speak and to actively fight oppression.

Thank you for all you do

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As usual thank all of you for all you do to make our world better.


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