Read this blog because as I age distractability’s influence on my life grows. Sigh. Enjoyed it and and thought some of you might like.

No way I could do a three day novel, a three year novel contest would help however.

Staying strong tip–what seems to work best for me is a time or a contract with myself to work for half an hour before switching projects. Ritalin might help too, but not ready to try that yet. care, share, and stay strong.

One Way to Finish What You Start I sat down four times today to write this post. And four times I got distracted. Well, that's not entirely true. In one sitting I managed to get a couple of paragraphs written, but they weren't very good. So I deleted them and I went and futzed around Facebook until it was time for me to be somewhere else, doing something or other. *sigh* This week we're looking back at our New Year's resolutions and seeing how we're tracking on our goals. My goa … Read More

via The Parking Lot Confessional

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