My Weight Loss Efforts for Recipe Friday (via Linda Kruschke’s Blog)

FOR ALL MY EAT HEALTH FRIENDS And shouldn’t that be a goal for each and everyone of us. My last share today. I have set a cut off time of 10:00 for leaving the internet seduction behind and it is now 10:20. Good enough is good enough, but need to finish a picture letter to send to my grandson back east. Stay strong and eat heatly

For the past few weeks I have been changing my eating habits to try to lose some weight. So far it's working pretty good. But as a result, I haven't made a whole lot of new things that could be used for a Recipe Friday post. As I thought about what to post, I decided that I would share the two big things that I changed that I believe have helped me most in my weight loss efforts. First, I've begun writing down everything I eat and how many calori … Read More

via Linda Kruschke's Blog

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