Blog post to improve your emtional inteligence by speanidn time with nature. Quotel Image of a sequoia.

Maimonides, a Jew, also known as Rambam and one of the Sages of the Ages, lived in Spain and Egypt in the 12th century; he was a physician and philosopher. Maimonides felt that the study of the natural world was a prerequisite to spiritual life. He is joined by modern day researchers. Benefits found by researchers:

  • Generally restorative
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves concentration,  clarity of thought,  creativity, memory, and vision
  • Boosts immune system and therefore reduces the risk of early death
  • Aids in recovery from trauma

Stretch and wonder is an Emotional Fitness Training Exercise. The stretch can be physical, but also only emotional. Whenever you are with nature, either actually which is best or viewing a picture, Take a slow calming breath in, hold it briefly, then breathe out, smile and say think you.  Extend the power of this exercise by learning to find wonder where ever you are. Need an example: Just thinking about all that happens when you breathe, should fill you with wonder. It certainly does me.

Thank you for all you do. Practice Kindness and share, comment, or like this post. Go here for An introduction to Emotional Fitness Training.


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