A post about my newest book(s). I am moving from the parent advice niche (having published 14 books last year) to the self-care, fitness niche – not physical fitness, but emotional fitness.  I am asking for your help. Just by reading this, you are a member of my Added Care Team.


Wish me luck for I might be headed for a fall.  However, I am hoping to clear this jump “with a little help from  my  friends.” 


Not just one book, but a series of smaller E-books that will eventually become a larger book. Title? Still in the works. I need help with finding a title for the main book that will also work for the smaller books.  Let me know your thoughts about these titles for the main book — which one would entice you to want to buy the book.

The Art of Emotional Fitness – Control the Emotions Trying to
            Control You
Tame Your Mild and Wild Feelings: An Emotional Fitness Program
The Art of Emotional Fitness Training: Taming Your Mild and
             Wild Feelings 
Taming Mad, Bad, and Sad Feelings: An Emotional Fitness Training
Keeping Emotions in Check: An Emotional Fitness Program
An Emotional Fitness  Program: How to Tame Negative Feelings 

For the smaller books: the titles would be modified as follows; Self-Soothing is the first of these books to be published and will be available March 2013  

The Art of Emotional Fitness – Self-Soothing
Tame Your Mild and Wild Feelings: Self-soothing, an Emotional
Fitness Skill
The Art of Emotional Fitness Training: Tame Your Mild and
 Wild Feelings by Self-soothing
Taming Mad, Bad, and Sad Feelings: Self-soothing, an Emotiona
Fitness Skill
The Art of Keeping Emotions in Check: Self-soothing, An Emotional
Fitness Skill
How to Tame Negative Feelings: An Emotional Fitness
 Training Program, Self-soothing


If you are reading this, you are a member  of my Added Care Team.  Everyone needs an Added Care Team of some kind.  Added Care Teams strengthen, support, and encourage.

When it comes to books, an Added Care Team also helps improve the author’s efforts as I am asking you to do by making suggestions about the title. Editors, Illustrators, Publishers, Publisists, and Marketers are the professional members of an author’s Added Care Team.

All other members are just as important and contribute ideas, endorsements, reviews, or like, comment, recommend, or share the book with their friends and social media contacts.  

Book Launching Added Care Team.  

I am also seeking ten people willing to be more involved with launching this new book of mine.  Your perks – you will get an E-copy of the first edition.  This is the edition open for suggestions.  You will also get an E-copy of the final edition.  You will also be mentioned in the book itself as a contributor. If you are pleased with what you read, I would love endorsements and reviews, and that will get you an autographed copy of the book’s final print copy.  In return, I will also promote your efforts in any way I can.

If you are interested in becoming a member of this smaller team.  Let me know.

Meanwhile, thank you for all you do. Emotional fitness helps me stay strong; I hope it does the same for you. I know your support keeps me going.



  1. After some thought, I also like the first one best. Good luck with this project Katherine, it is sure to be a winner. I can’t commit to be one of your ten but will be very happy to promote the book when it is published. It will be easy as I find myself quoting you often during the day.

    • I was hoping you would volunteer. But on one condition. You set an action goal for your writing that I can support. How about a short story to go to Smashwords. I have one there under my pen name. Haven’t done any publicity for it, but use it to motivate me to get another up. Maybe by June as this is my professional publishing year. All my short stories will hang together in a novelette or two. I really don’t want you to give up writing a novel and also can fully understand the need to prioritize.

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